Visual C++ Runtime Installer v56!

The 2017 runtimes are rebranded and updated 2015 runtimes, therefore separate installation of 2015 runtimes is not required.

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  • updated the C++ 2017 runtime 14.11.25325.0 –> C++ 2017 runtime 14.12.25810.0
  • slight changes to the installer and x86/x64 selection; let me know if there are any issues!


Visual C++ Redist Installer V56 by Burf (MDL forums threads)

MD5: 6DF03CBC1B6879805D5354170E3AEF54
SHA-1: 936F8409DA9B1EE4C77514DC526EADD80733FFD3
SHA-256: D36996CB7F936A0EE55EE05DE45FCFBFF1E829F105BBFA1B2297F3DA82D31BC9

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