This is Why I Stopped Using The Google Drive App

If you are frequent Google Drive user, the app I will introduced to you will save you hundreds of hours. Unlike the official Google Drive app, you can manage your offline files in your phone as well as files in your Google Drive account in one place by using this app.

Introducing MiXplorer

So what is MiXplorer? MiXplorer is a fully featured Android file manager developed by Hootan Parsa. If you like to know the full list of features of this app can offer you can see it from the official website here.

How I Add My Google Drive Account

Here the demonstration of how I add my Google Drive account into the app:

Thanks to this app now I can copy and paste my files back and forth from my Android device without any hassle.

This is a demo on how I get the shareable link of my selected file from my Google Drive storage.

As you can see this app precisely do the most of thing that Google Drive app would do but 4x faster which is a huge plus for me.

Where do I get it?

If you are interested you can download yourself the app from the original XDA forum post or the mirror links down below.

Mirror: Google Drive

Download from original XDA post: Post link

You also can support the developer by purchasing the MiXplorer Silver from the Play Store. Note that the difference between the free and paid version of this app is not significant. The paid version of this app is bundled with Archive and SMB2 add-ons and the latest language packs. If you are using the free version, you have to install add-ons separately for free.


This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.