Addicted to PUBG: here are few good tips



  • Good: M416, SCAR, M16, AKM, UMP, KAR98K, Mini-14, SKS
  • Good (drop): AWM, M14 EBR, M24, Groza, AUG
  • Good Early Game: S686, S12K, .45 Revolver, Glock (I forget ingame name)
  • Not Good: S1897, Sawed Off, Any of the pistols besides Glock and .45 Revolver, Micro Uzi (Can be good in the right hands), VSS
  • Debatable: Winchester 94 (Great in good hands, horrible in all others)

Weapons Mods

Generally pick up sniper gear if you can (and you like snipers), Silencers and Flash hiders can do wonders for far shooting, compensators are great for your AKM’s or other high recoil weapons


H, Y, U, J as your four heal items & ”`“ as Map,

Other tips

  • Do this: get many many chicken dinners, have a great time, let the game make you laugh and smile.
  • DON’T: cheat, be a toxic player, teamkill.
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