“Unlimited” Data Plans in Malaysia

Comparison of speed caps, Fair Usage Policy (FUP), prices, and more.

In Malaysia, unlimited data plans don’t really mean unlimited. Apart from the ridiculously low 3Mbps data caps, they also introduce the very famous “fair usage policy” (FUP).

It’s almost like a bunch of them sit around in a meeting room and agree that speed caps and FUP must be set at certain amounts and prices. It’s almost like price fixing.

Anyway, there’s nothing we can do about this as consumers except to choose the least painful option out of the bunch. And yes, of course, they have made it difficult to find detailed information to compare.

Here’s why I’m making one here:

🟧 UMobile    
U256 Mbps40 GBRM12/moUncapped speed 1 hr/day
U3512 Mbps200 GBRM35/moUncapped speed Sat-Su
U4012 Mbps200 GBRM40/moUncapped speed Sat-Sun
U5024 Mbps200 GBRM50/moUncapped speed Sat-Sun
🟦 Celcom    
5G 25 Biru1 Mbps80 GBRM25/mo15 GB @ 100 Mbps
5G 35 Biru3 Mbps80 GBRM35/mo-
5G 39 Biru3 Mbps80 GBRM39/mo55 GB @ 100 Mbps
5G 49 Biru3 Mbps80 GBRM49/mo85 GB @ 100 Mbps
5G 69 Biru3 Mbps80 GBRM69/mo125 GB @ 100 Mbps
🟨 Digi    
5G 35 Kuning3 Mbps300 GBRM35/mo-
5G 39 Kuning3 Mbps80 GBRM39/mo75 GB @ 100 Mbps
🟥 UniFi    
UNI5G WOW 355 Mbps50 GBRM35/moUncapped speed for 5G all day
🟩 Maxis    
Unli 6Mbps6 Mbps20 GBRM12/moUncapped speed for 5G 8pm-8am
Unli 6Mbps6 Mbps100 GBRM40/moUncapped speed for 5G 8pm-8am
Unli 12Mbps12 Mbps100 GBRM50/moUncapped speed for 5G 8pm-8am
🟪 YES    
FT5G Unli7 Mbps*No FUP?RM30/moUncapped speed for 5G all day

*Only has been mentioned here.

Updated on: 20/6/2024

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